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What is it ?
GoreMod is a server side plugin for Counter-Strike:Source.

What does it do ?
It is a Gore Enhancing plugin which adds a multitude of gorey features to the game.
- Extra blood effects when players are shot.
- If a players health falls below the Server Cvar, they emit blood intermittently.
- Gibs on head shot kills (Server CVar)
- Shooting blood from the head on head shots.
- On death by HENade or headshot, exploding blood and bodyparts !

Screenshots: Grenade Explsions, Extra Gore, HS Gib Examples and Bleeding effects..
Thanks to deizel for fixing the above links.

P.S: A public apology to all the bots harmed during the making of this project.

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.: Screenshots
First off some grenade explosions. This is the before shot...

And now the after...

 Bloody Gruesome !

 HeadShot Gibs
gore_hsdoll 0; gore_hsgibs 1

gore_hsdoll 1; gore_hsgibs 2

 And some bleeding...